Should I use Insurance for Therapy

Insurances we accept

(dependent on Clinician, Service, and State you reside)

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • Optum/United
  • Oscar Health
  • Oxford
  • Some EAPs

If you don’t see your insurance listed and you would like to file have your insurance pay for some of all of your fees, please reach out to your insurance company and ask about your Out of Network (OON) benefits. Note, that insurance companies may only cover a portion of payment. They do require that you are given a mental health diagnosis and can request a copy of your records at any time.

Here are some helpful questions to ask your Insurance to see if you are covered

*Do I have out of -network mental/behavioral health benefits?

*What is my out of network deductible?

(This will tell you how much you have to spend before your benefits kick in)


*How much of my out of network deductible has already been met?

(How much has already been put towards the number in answer 1-letting you know how much is left)


*What is my policy period?

(This will tell you when your deductible restarts)


*What is my coinsurance?

(If for example your coinsurance is 60% and your therapist’s self-pay rate is $160, after you submit you can expect to receive $96 back in reimbursement)


*How do I and how long do I have to submit my Superbill?

(This is the document that you will obtain after each session showing the billing code, your name and diagnosis, and the charge)


*Do you cover the CPT codes of 90791, 90834 and 90837; and how much do you cover for each code?


 *Are there any diagnoses that are not covered?

Reasons to use cash vs Insurance

Insurance companies typically restrict the awesome service family and couples’ counselors can provide. Most insurance companies are not up-to-date on family and couples therapy practices and still require an individual person to carry a diagnosis and be seeking treatment. They require the providing therapist to identify a single person in the family, or couple, who is “having the problem”.

This is not conducive to how we provide couples and family counseling. We believe in working with the full system to enact change with each person taking ownership of their part.

We believe that overall wellness services should be provided with encouragement for all those seeking a healthier lifestyle: especially in relation to our partners and how we raise our families.


Insurance companies also report these diagnoses to the Medical Information Bureau, which impact your ability to receive insurance, including life insurance, benefits in the future. It can also keep you from obtaining employment at specific companies, including the government. A mental health diagnosis can also keep you from obtaining, or can begin restricting, a pilot license.

We believe in working with the person vs a diagnosis.

Advantages of NOT using Insurance:

-You will have no permanent diagnosis label attached to your health record

-Your records will remain protected, meaning all information about you, including notes taken by your therapist throughout session, are not obtainable by anyone unless you agree or we are court ordered

-Your care is note dictated by the insurance company but by the collaborative efforts formed between you and your therapist according to your preferences and goals

-You are not restricted by time, whether each session or how many sessions you are awarded


We also strongly believe in providing quality services and support to our community, many of which are looking to utilize their insurance for therapy services.

We are more than happy to further discuss and explore if using insurance for therapy services is right for you. Note that insurance acceptance depends on Clinician and service provided. Please see our fees page to find out more about the insurances we currently accept.