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Individuals, Couples, & Families

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Therapy and mental health support for Individuals, Couples, and Families

Whatever it is, we’re here for you.

Do you feel overwhelmed with all the “stuff” life brings? Do you wish that someone, especially your partner, would understand just how hard doing all of the things for everyone else can be? Do you stay up late at night because you can’t sleep due to all the worry and anxiety? Do you find yourself having difficulty getting what you want out of life and letting others know how to help you? We hear you! And… We can help!!!

Life is full of difficult choices. Relationships are a lot of work. Parenting is strenuous. Families have all kinds of dysfunctions to manage. And sometimes other people just suck. When you have feelings, events, relationships, or other issues that make your life challenging, it’s okay to ask for help. Seeking professional counseling services, including cognitive behavioral couples therapy, therapeutic counseling, and intensive couples therapy, can provide the support and guidance needed to navigate through these challenges effectively.

You don’t have to wait to feel better.

Our Services

Our team is comprised of Registered Social Workers and Psychotherapists who offer professional, therapeutic support for individuals, families and workplaces, who want guidance navigating through difficult issues or events.

Affordable Counselling

We believe therapy should be accessible at an affordable rate for those facing financial barriers. Our affordable counselling services are provided by talented Social Work or Counselling Psychology students who are completing their practical training before becoming accredited. Supervised by a registered Social Worker or Psychotherapist, our training therapists bring forth a vitality and eagerness to help their clients.

Online Counselling

We believe you should be able to heal the way you want. That’s why we offer online counselling for anyone in Ontario who lives outside of our area, prefers the comfort of their own home, or simply wants the flexibility of being able to meet remotely.

Our Services

We offer professional counseling services tailored to your needs, providing support, guidance, and empathy. Our therapeutic counseling approach ensures personalized attention. Now, with virtual counsel options, accessing help is convenient. Of course, this is all done with “kid gloves” and with the utmost empathy and care. Let us assist you!

Womens Counseling

We believe mental health and general wellness involve having control in life to manage challenges effectively. This includes counseling for women, empowering them to respond to life's changes positively. It's about building resilience and options for a healthier mindset.

Sex Intimacy Counseling

A fulfilling sex life is healthy and natural. Physical and emotional intimacy are essential parts of your well-being. When sexual dysfunction occurs, having that fulfilling sex life can be difficult. Sex therapy, including psychosexual therapy and intimacy counseling, reframes your sexual challenges, addressing them with couples counseling questions for holistic solutions

Pre Marital Counseling

The purpose of counseling before marriage is to strengthen communication and conflict-resolution skills while maintaining positive emotions and attitudes. It also helps to plan future decisions that can become significant issues if not discussed ahead of time. This may involve cognitive behavioral couples therapy, intensive couples therapy, and intimacy counseling, utilizing couples counseling questions to enhance understanding and connection.

Mens Counseling

It might be difficult to handle stress and daily obligations—the fight is real—but you don’t have to face life’s difficulties alone. When things get tough, it’s appropriate to seek assistance. You’ve undoubtedly been advised your entire life to “be strong.” Men's counseling offers a supportive space to navigate challenges.

Family Counseling

We are more likely to learn how to sustain good relationships if we are born into a healthy household with healthy connections. We may struggle to connect with people if we are born into a dysfunctional family that struggles. Seeking support from a center for family counseling or family legacy counseling can aid in healing and building healthier connections.

Children & Youth Counseling

You are in charge of another person’s mental, emotional, and physical growth. When things become difficult, it’s OK to seek assistance. Although children can experience the same mental health issues as adults, their signs may be distinct. Teletherapy for kids offers a convenient and effective way to address their unique needs.

In Home Counseling

Experience an in-home counseling service where healing and growth happen within the comfort of your own space. Our experienced therapists provide personalized, confidential support tailored to your unique needs. With our in-house counseling, you can access professional help conveniently and comfortably.

Couples Counseling

Experience an in-home counseling service where healing and growth happen within the comfort of your own space. Our experienced therapists provide personalized, confidential support tailored to your unique needs.

Online Counseling

Experience an in-home counseling service where healing and growth happen within the comfort of your own space. Our experienced therapists provide personalized, confidential support tailored to your unique needs. With our professional counseling services, you can access expert help conveniently and comfortably.

Affordable Counseling

You deserve to be happy. There is enough worry in your life to add stress over being able to pay to take care of your mental health. We believe therapy should be accessible at an affordable rate for those facing financial barriers. Couples counseling questions can help address relationship issues effectively.

Our team is comprised of Registered Social Workers and Psychotherapists who offer professional, therapeutic support for individuals, families and workplaces, who want guidance navigating through difficult issues or events.

Our Team

Our team comprises licensed social workers, licensed mental health counselors, licensed marriage and family therapists, students, and pre-licensed professionals who offer compassionate and therapeutic support for individuals, couples, and families. Through virtual counsel, we provide convenient access to professional counseling services, including tailored couples counseling questions for effective relationship therapy.

Specialized Services for Separation and Divorce

Specialized Separation and Divorce services are provided by Stefanie Peachey.

We are one of a handful of professionals - in the Halton Region - who offer therapeutic support for families who need guidance navigating separation, divorce and co-parenting. The specialized services and workshops we offer are uniquely designed with family relationships in mind.

Family Courses and Group Counselling

We offer unique and customized workshops and groups for families working towards healthier relationships including: a Co-Parenting Course for those starting the process of separation and divorce and a Respectful Relationships Group for men who have personal struggles with abusive and disrespectful behaviours.

Specialized Online Groups

We are always looking for ways to meet the needs of our clients and we are frequently develop online groups that speak to the most prevalent challenges facing our community.


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We believe that with support, anyone can heal, learn, and grow.

We provide professional counseling services for anyone who wants positive change in their life.

Our team of therapists is here to help. Every member of our team has their specialties and experience and has been carefully selected to ensure that the right level of expertise and commitment is available here for you. We provide professional counseling services, offering virtual counsel and couples counseling questions to equip you with the tools needed to cope with mental health challenges and build resilience.

All are Clinicians believe you should be in the driver’s seat of your therapy. This is your life after all. Even though we may each have a different approach our goal is the same… to help you achieve your goals and feel better.

It varies between Clinician and service provide. Please check our fee page for more information. We try to offer many options in order to help you achieve your goals without breaking your piggy bank.

We begin everyone at weekly sessions. You wouldn’t be reaching out unless you needed some support now. We have found that people who do weekly sessions initially gain more stability and make progress faster than those that have initially begun with biweekly or monthly sessions. If this is a concern, please speak with our staff. After some time, there is typically a discussion with your Clinician where you both decide that you have made progress and feel positive about stepping down to every other week sessions, then possibly monthly and then you graduate therapy!

Typically, sessions are 53 minutes. However, you can request to do additional time in advance, dependent on your Clinicians schedule and payment method.

We don’t find it is good practice to see two partners of the same couple for individual counseling, nor individuals that are being seen for couple counseling. If you are receiving individual counseling and are interested in couple counseling we may have another Clinician on staff that can see you, and visa versa.

We have Clinicians that provide early morning, evening and weekend appointments.

We work really hard during your 15-minute consultation call to make sure we are connecting you with the Clinician that would best fit your personality and goals. We ask you give your clinician at least 4-5 sessions before you request a change. Then if you really think the therapeutic relationship is not a good fit, chat with us about making a change. Your Clinician may be feeling the same and have a recommendation for someone who would be a better fit for you and your goals.

Not if we can help it! In your intake paperwork you agree that you are entering therapy to make changes not use what we work on for court purposes. You consent that you will not subpoena us to court, and if we are that it will be VERY EXPENSIVE.

Some of our Clinicians do take insurance for specific types of therapy. See our fee page for more specifics. Please know that there are potential risks for using insurance for therapy such as: depending on diagnosis being limited to work for the government, become a pilot, or be ineligible for life insurance. In addition, your insurance company can request your records at any time and can decide to stop your care if you aren’t seen as being “symptomatic” enough.

Click one of the Book your free 15-minute consultation button and request a chat with our office. They can help you talk through who would be a great fit for you and your goals. The office will request some basic information to set up your secure and HIPPA compliant poral. You will receive access and will have multiple forms to fill out before your first scheduled appointment. We have a thorough intake form that you complete on your own time, which allows you and your Clinician to begin work the very first session. As long as all documents are completed 48 hours before your initial session, you will see your Clinician on the other end of the screen for your scheduled appointment.

We have a 24-hour full fee cancelation policy. If you are unable to make your session, please contact our office at to reschedule ASAP. If it is less than 24 hours before your appointment you will be charged a full session fee ($160 for individual or $200 for couple). Insurance does not cover this fee.

Sure! Do you think you are struggling? Then come. Couples counseling can happen with just one person. Think about tossing a stone into the water. You start making changes, your partner will have to do something different too to bring the relationship back to homeostasis.

Yes. Each of you will have your own portal that has separate documents and video access. You can join on the same portal link sitting next to each other, in another room on different portal links, or across town/state using your unique portal link.

No. We do not provide support animal approval letters. You may obtain one from your Psychiatrist or Primary Care Provider.

Click any of the 50 buttons throughout our website to set up a consultation call. Click the Contact us button. Call (757) 750-0571, note we have limited hours via phone. Email us at Or Chat with us by using the chat button below.


Which therapist is best suited for me?

All of our therapists are highly qualified to provide therapeutic support and each have areas of specialty. It’s recommended that you read their profile located under the ‘team’ section of our website.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions that you will need depends on your goals. Some clients require only a few sessions to gain some tools and get things off their chest, while others attended for months as they enjoy having the ongoing support in their lives.

Are your services covered by insurance?

Many extended health benefit programs will cover the cost of counselling with a Registered Social Worker or Psychotherapist. Please check with your insurance provider to check your coverage before booking your session.

Additionally, services provided by a Registered Social Worker or Registered Psychotherapist are tax deductible as a medical expense.

As for billing, we do not bill insurance companies directly. After we receive payment, we provide you with a receipt that has all the required information for you to submit the session to your insurance company.

What if I don’t click with my therapist?

A good therapeutic relationship is important and as therapists, we understand this. We recommended trying 2-3 sessions with a therapist and if you feel like it’s not the right fit, we are happy to book you with someone else.

My partner and I are separating, where do I start?

Separation and Divorce is overwhelming and we are here to support you. If you have children, we recommend starting with our co-parenting workshop or co-parenting counselling. From there, we offer a variety of specialized services for Separation and Divorce that can accommodate a wide range of needs or circumstances. Please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs.

Will my therapist fix the issues or concerns that I have, or tell me how to do this?

Therapy is not about having someone fix your life, it’s about gaining tools, reflecting on past or current events and gaining insight into yourself and your experiences.
Your therapist will not work harder than you do so come prepared to work for what you want.

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