Licensed Marriage, Family and Psychosexual Therapist and Supervisor, Licensed Professional Counselor and Supervisor, American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists Supervisor.
Founder of Affinity Triangle Therapy, Coaching, and Supervision, Inc.

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Adults (18+)
CBT Couples therapy (all types of love and commitment)
High Achieving Mens talk
Other Therapists, Military/Government workers
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Online through Secure video sessions, In home

Accepting New Clients

Accepting New Clients

Practice Areas and Specialties

Pre-marital, Sex & intimacy issues, High achieving men, Therapists, Thought processes Individual counseling (Insurance accepted-see fee page), Couples counseling, Family Counseling, In-home Couple/family counseling


Adults (18+)
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I don’t like what I do

I love what I do

My whole job is to help people make the changes they want in their lives. Whether individually or within a relationship, I get to be a part of this particular time in someone’s life when they decide to do something different. What an honor!

My Mantra is: Think Feel Do Be.

The best advice I have ever received is that “no one is you. Someone will always be better, and someone will always be worse. So, be YOU.” If you work with me, you will undoubtedly hear me reference “the triangle.” I won’t spoil what it means, but I promise you will be familiar with this concept in our sessions, especially if you’re considering intensive couples therapy. You might also hear me mention that I don’t work in “normal.” Meaning, what is normal anyway? You should know that I will push you if you work with me. It’s what you’re paying me for. Talk to a friend if you want someone who will “yes man” you. I’m not that person. While I push you, I do it very affirmingly and empathetically, allowing you to tell me it’s enough to push on that topic for now. Oh, and you will always have homework!

You should work with me if you are tired of doing the same thing and want an alternative outcome. You should work with me if you are ready to make changes, accomplish your goals, and leave sessions feeling validated, empowered, and prepared to do something different. I am trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist, but this doesn’t mean I don’t work with individuals. It means that I see the world; I see you through the lens of the system you are in, work, family, and friends—versus seeing you in a vacuum of isolation. I do a lot of work with couples. My work typically centers on communication and intimacy, including sex. I thoroughly enjoy working with couples who are engaged or looking to move towards engagement, as many things don’t get talked about before marriage. And in my experience, these are the things that people end up needing a center for family counseling for later. I would much rather pay myself on the front end than pay 100 times more on the back end for loss of money, sanity, self, and relationships with your love, kids, and family.

Mental Health is not a bad word, it’s a state of being

Sometimes, you have a joyous day where birds chirp and you hit all the green lights. And some days… whew! Not great days where nothing looks good in the mirror, the kids make a mess of the house you just cleaned, and the dog decides to roll in poop. This is where our positivity goes out the window, and that is ok. Therapeutic counseling, like the kind I offer, helps you not to throw up your hands and quit, but maybe recognize it’s a bad day, and it will pass.

My role is to create a safe space for you to be open and honest, not just with me but with yourself. Sometimes, when you tell me something, it is the first time you have even said it out loud, which makes it real. And that can be so scary. My job is to help you work through that fear, whether by holding your hand virtually or putting bumpers up so your ball doesn’t fall in the gutter. It is also my job to coach you. It may teach you some skills you never learned and help you practice them so you can implement the change in your daily life.

You don’t need to lay on my couch for a decade to regain your life. I want to get you in, help you define the goals you want to accomplish, help you make some traction, and then get you back in the game! Honesty and transparency are what I value most in the therapy room, and they are probably the hardest things for a person to give a “stranger.” But you can be in the therapy room without judgment or worry of recourse. How freeing it is to cry, laugh, yell, curse, not know the answer, be imperfect, and so on.

If you’re struggling with issues related to intimacy, you might also be interested in psychosexual therapy. This specialized form of therapy can help address concerns around sexual desire, arousal, or orgasm. It can also be helpful for couples looking to improve communication and intimacy in their relationship.

Mental Health Has Gotten a bad Rap In The Past

It was reserved for women who were hysterical, a man who had a midlife crisis, and those who “just couldn’t hold their liquor.” Mental health is more of a continuum; sometimes, we have a very healthy mental state, and other times, not so much. So, positive affirmation and validating mental health are for everyone. People want someone to understand, validate, and not judge them as “crazy.” We all have it… those overwhelming feelings of “I’m not good enough” or “How am I ever going to make this right?